PET COSTUMES: Hats/Collars Costumes

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PET COSTUMES: Hats/Collars Halloween Costumes

Dressing your dog or cat up in a costume, now that is great entertainment. These pet costumes are so cute and crazy that you can’t help but smile or bust out laughing as the prance around. However, for some reason, whether it is being uncomfortable or the 6th sense of being chucked at, some dogs (and most cats) won’t put up with wearing a full pet costume. However, simple additions such as hats, decorative collars and bandanas are a good compromise that most pets will be please to wear.

PET COSTUMES: Hats/Collars Costume Ideas

These fun pet accessories are available either one-size-fits-all or come in a variety of sizes to fit small through large pets, whether a toy Chihuahua to a jumbo Great Dane.

Hats like a Santa hat or a birthday hat stay on your pet with a comfortable elastic band. Similarly styled headbands feature different looks such as reindeer antlers, girlish braids, bones, and wobbly antennae. For the neck, various collars such as a clown or jester-style collars for a friendly dog to sparkly rhinestone collars for a diva dog are so adorable. Traditional bandanas to scarves printed with different seasonal motifs such as pumpkins are other classic collars for pets. So hit the parade, the fun run or the trick-or-treat trail with Fido dressed up in a fun hat or collar.

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