BOYS: Teen Boys Costumes

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BOYS: Teen Boys Halloween Costumes

Three things to remember about costumes for teen boys: cool, scary or funny. And, if you can combine cool, scary or funny, with a costume that is fast or has a dangerous edge that’s even better! Teen boys are way past wanting to dress up in what mom things is cute or clever, instead they want to make an impression of their friends that won’t soon be forgotten.

BOYS: Teen Boys Costume Ideas

Horror costumes are always a hit with teen guys, probably because they like scaring their friends. Choose from a wide selection of villains from the slasher films such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and more. Cool costumes include dressing up as Zombie Punk or even classic ghouls, vampires and mosters. You look will be even more intimidating with an arsenal of pretend weapons such as butcher knifes, daggers and the infamous chainsaw. Other teen costumes that are popular with many boys are manga and anime characters from Japanese animation, such as Naruto, Final Fantasy, Gundam and others. This practice of dressing up in favorite characters has become known as cosplay and is popular at attending manga and anima viewings and conventions.

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