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BOYS: Superheroes Boys Halloween Costumes

Even if your boy is too young to feel nostalgic for an old-school superhero comic book, he is sure to be familiar with their more modern appearances on the big screen. The Golden Age of comics introduced Phantom, Superman and Captain America to eagerly awaiting fans, as the years passed many other superheroes stepped into the limelight including Batman, Spiderman, the X-men, and more. Most of these good guys had some special skill they used to take on their arch enemies; some of the skills were of human origin and enhanced by gadgetry while other skills were purely supernatural.

BOYS: Superheroes Boys Costume Ideas

Another favorite superheroes costume for boys is to suit up as a trusty sidekick such as Robin, the Boy Wonder and friend of Batman. So much more than just dressing up, boys can gain a lot of self confidence in a superhero costume as they assume the fictional identities of these fictional characters. So, leap a tall building, swing by your web, or bend metal with your laser eyes and frighten the bad guys off so they never return. Add on some superhero accessories such as capes, boots, utility belts, weapons a look of an official justice defender.

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