BOYS: Scary/Horror/Goth Costumes

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BOYS: Scary/Horror/Goth Halloween Costumes

We think it’s genetic, but boys are drawn too horror films and ghost stories like moths to a flame. There is a certain thrill brought about by the anticipation of something bad about to happen, and then after all that adrenaline they’re usually afraid to sleep with the lights out that night. Especially popular with ‘tween and teen boys, scary costume based on the horror flick bad buys or the Goth lifestyle are a must have for a “to-die-for” Halloween.

BOYS: Scary/Horror/Goth Costume Ideas

Stalk the underground party in a Zombie Punk costume styled after punk rockers with a Mohawk mask and studded gloves, all you need is a skateboard and some faux tattoos and faux piercings with this un-living legend look. Vampires are another scary Goth-inspired costume for boys. Suit up as an aristocratic gentleman who just happens to be a Vampire, feasting on the blood of his victims. A costume with a black formal tuxedo, long cape and pair of fangs will give you a sophisticated yet spooky style that you’ll vant to sink your teeth into. For a look that will really frighten friends, wear a horror costume of one of the villains from the slasher films such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers,Jason Voorhees and more.

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