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BOYS: Pre-teen Costumes Boys Halloween Costumes

The pre-teen years range from about 9 through 12 years of age. No longer little kids, pre-teen boys are looking to express their individuality while fitting in with friends at the same time. So having the “just right” costume that meets all his criteria of cool may take a bit of browsing, but with hundreds of pre-teen boy costumes it is sure to happen. From heroes to villains, scary to silly, or classic to trendy, there are so many choices he’s bound to give the nod to at least one!

BOYS: Pre-teen Costumes Boys Costume Ideas

Any boy can act out the fantasy found in literature based on Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings which are popular reads with this middle-school set. Cosplay, anime, and manga costumes are bound to get any ‘tween “animated” about heading to a Halloween party. Popular characters include those from Naruto, Final Fantasy, Gundam and more. Sports stars continue to be role models for kids at this age who will feel like an MVP dressed up in a pre-teen costume of an athlete in a favorite team jersey – choose all-stars such as celebrities from basketball, football, hockey or baseball.

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