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BOYS: Historical Boys Halloween Costumes

In history books, you often just read about the adventures and goings-on of the adults during the highlighted time period. Just because kids aren’t often mentioned, doesn’t mean that they didn’t have an important role. For example, noble boys as young as eight or nine in Medieval times were sent to castles to serve as pages and squires for the knights that mentored them. In Colonial America, male children helped to hunt and harvest crops and served as apprentices for blacksmiths and other tradesmen. In ancient Egypt, the boy King Tut was just nine years old when he began to serve as Pharaoh, a position he held for ten years until his death.

BOYS: Historical Boys Costume Ideas

Make your own place in time dress up in any one of many authentic-looking historical boys’ costumes. From togas and robes from ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece and Egypt to relatively more modern historical costumes such as Depression-era newsboys from the 20th century. In early colonial times in America, boys wore Puritan or Pilgrim type outfits of simple black clothing, hats and coats. Their Native American counterparts wore the traditional everyday and ceremonial Indian garb associated with their tribe. For a civil war reenactment, a male child could dress up in grey or navy drab with a solider uniform coat to be the drummer boy found on the battlefields.

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