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Party Supplies: Wrap Accessories Halloween Costumes

A big element of parties and seasonal celebrations involves giving or exchanging presents. Make sure your gifts look their best and not outdone by the Martha Stewart types, with all the wrap accessories you need for a “wow” look. Stock a present-wrapping “station” in your house, even if it’s just a hidden card table in the closet with rolls and rolls of pretty paper, bundles of colorful ribbon, gift bags, packing crinkles and the essential tape and succors.

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Some good tips to remember when wrapping gifts is to remove the price tag, go easy on the tape, crease corners with a sharp edge and don’t worry too much – just enjoy being creative. Wrapping papers can be thick foils, fragile tissue papers, shiny metallic Mylar and more including the Sunday comic pages. Ribbons and bows can be used to complement your wrapping from the bold to the simple to the super curly. Many gifts are simply presented in gift bags stuffed with coordinating tissue paper or even displayed in gift baskets. Wrap accessories for gift baskets include colorful crinkles to create a soft base and large cellophane bags that can be shrink-wrapped with a hair dryer around the basket.

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