Party Supplies: Treat Bags & Boxes Costumes

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Party Supplies: Treat Bags & Boxes Halloween Costumes

Handing out treat bags at the end of a party has become a great way for hosts and hostesses to let guests know “thanks for coming to my celebration”. Filled with edible delights and small toys and trinkets, children’s treat bags are just that – a treat! Treat bags and boxes for adults, often called “swag bags” can be quite simple or very elaborate filled with lots and lots of trendy goodies.

Party Supplies: Treat Bags & Boxes Costume Ideas

If you are planning these party favors for your event you will need special treat bags or treat boxes to contain everything, Treat bags include everything from themed plastic loot bags printed in a variety of themes such as Bakugan or Little Mermaid. Treat boxes in many shapes including boxes, cones and pails (included a container that looks like Chinese take-out) make the perfect stashing place for delightful little gifts for guests.   Cellophane bags printed with seasonal designs make a great receptacle for holiday goodies such as Christmas cookies or Halloween candy. Unexpected items can be used as treat bags or party favor boxes such as old-fashioned red-and-white striped popcorn boxes.

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