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Eye Black Stickers
Eye Black Stickers

These Eye Black Stickers allow you to write your own message on the sticker. Tell the other team to ...
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Party Supplies: Stickers Halloween Costumes

Once kids start playing with stickers, they are . . . well, stuck on them! Printed in die-cut images of favorite television and movie characters, favorite childhood sports, or just fun and festive shapes, stickers will keep little hands busy at your next celebration. Stickers can be used to adorn home-made greeting cards, wrapped packages, good-behavior charts and all sorts of creative arts and crafts.

Party Supplies: Stickers Costume Ideas

One useful type of sticker for a party is the time-honored ice-breaker – the name tag sticker. Name tag stickers can come in the traditional “Hello, My Name Is . . .” stickers to adorable, shaped stickers such as theOnesie Name Tag for baby showers. Stickers also make a great addition to your party invitations ad give a hint to guests about the party theme that you have planned. For children, you can also use sheets of stickers to add to party favor bags, the little bags full of treats that hostesses like to pass out at the end of a party to say “thanks for coming”! There are so many choices you are sure to find the perfect sticker from Elmo to High School Musical and Fairy Tale Princess to All Star Soccer.

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