Party Supplies: Solid Color Balloons Costumes

There are currently no solid color balloons available.

Party Supplies: Solid Color Balloons Halloween Costumes

Balloons and parties go together like cake and ice cream, cookies and milk, and popsicles and sticky chins. Latex rubber balloons have been around for quite some time while foil balloon have really only become popular in the last several decades.  Foil balloons are actually inspired by the metallic plastic material used in many NASA space missions – now that is truly out of this world! Both types of balloons are available in many shapes and a rainbow of solids that will get your celebration off to a flying success.

Party Supplies: Solid Color Balloons Costume Ideas

Found everywhere from birthday parties, carnivals, and other special events, solid color balloons are available for your celebration in a wide variety of styles, colors and package counts. Latex balloons can reach many sizes when inflated and come in 12-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch and other sizes including special long sizes for twisting into balloon animals. Foil balloons, in shapes such as a star, are great because they self-seal and keep helium from leaking out, therefore they last much longer. Remember to gets lots of curling ribbon available in a rainbow of colors to tie onto your helium-filled solid color balloons.

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