Party Supplies: Signs & Door & Wall Hangings Costumes

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Party Supplies: Signs & Door & Wall Hangings Halloween Costumes

Most people think of themed dinnerware and centerpieces when decorating for a party. But think outside the table and expand your celebration style to the walls, windows and doors. Available in themes to suit any seasonal or special event party you might have in mind, signs, door hangings and wall murals will lend that finishing touch normally only obtainable with a pricey party planner!


Party Supplies: Signs & Door & Wall Hangings Costume Ideas

Bare walls can be covered with a variety of products including borders, large signs, back drops and room rolls that will cover a large area of space. From Western wall hangings with cactus and cowboy details to outer space murals that will make an out-of-this-word statement, there are so many suitable choices for your event. Door hangings are popular at Christmas; the most common is a holly wreath, but folks also like to hang pine swags, stockings, jumbo candy canes and more to greet their guests. For the windows, vinyl clings and gel clings are a clever way to make sure you’ve decorated every coverable space! Other winners for wall and door hangings are sports inspired; the ideal way to celebrate the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Olympics, or even just your own after-work softball league!

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