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Party Supplies: Printed Plates Halloween Costumes

Serve up your delicious celebration menu or birthday cake on printed plates. While printed plates are perfectly suited to match a whole host of party themes, their real beauty lies in the fact that post-party clean up is a complete breeze.  Select your favorite printed plates from hundreds and hundreds of designs with some of the most popular being for children’s birthdays. Printed plates are made from a heavy duty paper and are available in a several standard sizes including 10-inch plates in round, square and octagon shapes; 7-inch plates in similar shapes and even divided plates (picky eater favorites) with special sections to keep food separated.

Party Supplies: Printed Plates Costume Ideas

Old and young alike will be so excited to have printed plates to match other birthday party ware including paper napkins, tablecloths and cups. From round soccer ball plates that look almost real to sports plates in the colors of your favorite team, your athletic event is sure to be a real winner. There are also many fun and festive designs for landmark birthdays, seasonal celebrations like Halloween and Christmas, and other important life events such as baby showers and weddings.

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