Party Supplies: Molded Candles Costumes

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Party Supplies: Molded Candles Halloween Costumes

Candles have been around for thousands of years; ancient Romans developed the wicked candle by dipping rolled papyrus in melted tallow or beeswax. These candles were used to light homes, for traveling at night, and during religious and other celebratory events. Today’s candles have come a long way since these simple tapers; many modern candles are molded into interesting shapes and colorfully dyed for an aesthetically pleasing effect. With styles available that are perfect for the top of a birthday cake or to display as a decorative item in the home, you are sure to find a molded candle that will light up your day.

Party Supplies: Molded Candles Costume Ideas

Deck out your cake in a display of candles, from a set of small molded candles such as the Girl Time Stars (4pc) or one large molded candle like the Hello Kitty candle for a single impressive look atop a birthday cake. These novelty molded candles are available in many more styles to please the preferences of toddlers and children through teens and adults. Another popular style is the “age” candle which is molded to represent the recipient’s age and keeps you from having to use dozens and dozens of traditional taper cake candles for the more mature folks! Remember, when blowing out the candle make a silent wish to be fulfilled in the upcoming year.

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