Party Supplies: Licensed Pinatas Costumes

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Party Supplies: Licensed Pinatas Halloween Costumes

Hailing from Mexico, Piñatas are a tradition element in cultural festivities from Cinco de Mayo, Christmas and other fiestas – now they are enjoyed by children all over the world. In olden days, a piñata was merely a clay pot decked out with colored paper and ribbons while today’s piñatas are elaborate paper mache creations shaped and embellished to resemble many officially licensed characters from television, books and movies. The fun of any type of piñata is to fill it with sweet treats and small toys and participate in swinging blindfolded at the piñata with a stick or bat until in breaks open and the contents fall to the ground.

Party Supplies: Licensed Pinatas Costume Ideas

You may be familiar with the original style of piñatas with a South-of-the-Border flavor such as the rainbow donkey, the big sombrero hat or even a traditional five-point star. However, if your child is having a themed birthday you can surprise him or her with a licensed piñata in the shape of their favorite character. From heroes like Batman and Buzz Lightyear to cartoon creatures like Scooby Doo and Sponge Bob, there is sure to be a perfect licensed piñata to match any celebration style. Don’t forget to add a piñata stick (often just a baseball bat), rope, piñata fillings and a bandana to your list of supplies.

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