Party Supplies: Deluxe Party Kits Costumes

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Party Supplies: Deluxe Party Kits Halloween Costumes

Deluxe Party Kits are a dream come true for the busy party planner. Who has time to run around matching all the “this” and “thats” needed for a successful celebration. Deluxe Party Kits come pre-packaged with all the party supplies a typical party requires.  Normally sized for eight guests, Deluxe Party Kits can be supplemented with additional guest kits to take care of all those extra friends added to the guest list at the last minute.

Party Supplies: Deluxe Party Kits Costume Ideas

Deluxe Party Kits are available in a range of themes and include every conceivable child's birthday theme like Little Mermaid to Elmo; all the grown-up landmark birthday’s like 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond; and special events such as baby showers, graduations, weddings and more. Of course, there are also plenty of themes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other holidays as well as many other topics such as Disco, Luau, and Rodeo. Each additional deluxe party kit typically includes everything needed for up to eight attendees: dinner plates, a dessert plates, paper cups, lunch napkins, cutlery place-settings, invitations, cake candles, a tablecloth, coordinating centerpiece, foil and latex balloons, crepe paper streamers and curling ribbon.

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