Party Supplies: Cutlery Costumes

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Party Supplies: Cutlery Halloween Costumes

Despite the uncivilized way some people still eat, cutlery as we know it today (spoon, fork, knife) has been around since the mid 17th century.  Cruder stone implements for preparing food for consumption were employed by Neanderthals more that 300,000 years ago. Spoons were shunned by the medieval culture that preferred to slurp stew and soup straight from the bowl. Dry bread plates called “trenchers” and fingers were used instead of the non-existent fork. It wasn’t until the mid 1800s that the fork gained popularity and modern day place-settings of cutlery became popular.

Party Supplies: Cutlery Costume Ideas

Cutlery is a must-have party item for celebrations featuring food and or cake. Most people don’t have enough of their own place settings of cutlery to outfit a large party or, if they do, don’t want to risk losing valuable stainless steel or silver knives, forks and spoons. A viable option is to use plastic cutlery that can simply be disposed of after the party – no washing! An array of options are available in cutlery from the traditional white, black or clear implements or even an rainbow array of colors from pink and purple and silver to gold. Cutlery is available in sets of the same implement or in groupings of knifes, forks and spoons.

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