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Confetti What's a party without confetti? Includes: Assorted colors of finely cut confetti. Packaged...
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Go crazy for confetti! Confetti, a large amount of colorful paper or metallic-colored plastic bits, is a fun and festive tradition to throw at the end of weddings in lieu of rice. Confetti is also seen tossed about in a celebratory manner at the end of a big event such as a sports championship, a game show or a ticker-tape parade – there are even confetti-filled eggs to smash for fun. While confetti is usually tossed or dropped, it can also be scattered about a tablescape or added inside invitation envelopes for a festive touch.

Party Supplies: Confetti Costume Ideas

Confetti comes in every imaginable color from brights to pastels, golds to silvers, and darks to lights. You might just think confetti is little square or dot-shaped pieces of paper, but it actually comes in an amazing array of shapes. From holiday shapes such as Christmas candy canes to turkeys and pumpkins to Valentine hearts, you are sure to find a seasonal shape to suit your fancy (by the way, snowflakes are the most sought after shape). Confetti is also designed for the occasion such as landmark birthday ages (such as 30, 40, 50, and beyond) or pastel colored bunnies and eggs for Easter. Another popular product, “Table Sprinkles”, is similar to confetti, but made of thicker, three-dimensional plastic and not meant to be thrown.


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