Party Supplies: Classic Pinatas Costumes

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Party Supplies: Classic Pinatas Halloween Costumes

A piñata is a fun tradition that comes from the Mexican culture. Centuries ago, the piñata was a clay pot decorated with ribbon and tinsel and then filled with sweets, fruit and other small items today many are made of paper mache and colored tissue paper, but contain the same contents. A fun activity associated with Christmas, birthdays, fiestas and Cinco de Mayo, piñatas are attached to a rope and dangled from a tree branch. Children take turns swinging blindfolded at the piñata with a stick or bat until in breaks open and the contents fall to the ground.

Party Supplies: Classic Pinatas Costume Ideas

Piñatas come in all shapes and sizes from the classic styles inspired by Mexico including a rainbow donkey, a sombrero hat or the traditional star with colorful ribbons dangle from each of the five points. For boy’s birthday parties, a sport theme is always a winner and you can score big fun with piñatas includingfootball to basketball, soccer to bowling. Baby showers will be full of great expectations once guests see the expectant mom and a filled piñata in the shape of a pink or blue pacifier, a baby carriages or a yellow rubber duckie. Don’t forget to add a piñata stick (often just a baseball bat), rope, piñata fillings and a bandana to your list of supplies.

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