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Even if you don’t indulge in cake on a regular basis, you hopefully enjoy it once or twice a year for special events. From birthday parties to wedding ceremonies, cake is a sweet celebratory treat that comes in many forms – layer cakes, sheet cakes, tiered cakes, ice cream cakes and even cupcakes. There are lots of clever and useful cake supplies to make your cake stand out as even better than the best bakery shop torte.

Party Supplies: Cake Supplies Costume Ideas

Cake pans are a necessity in baking a cake; from standard round and rectangle shapes to character shapes that are bound to delight your youngster. These molded character pans include childhood favorites such as Sponge Bob, Ariel the Little Mermaid, and Dora the Explorer. In addition to decorative icing and colorful candles, cake supplies known as “cake toppers” make a fun addition to a kid’s cake. These little plastic figurines in the shape of popular toys and characters can be displayed on top of the cake and later taken home by guests as little party favors. Cupcake paper liners, cake display stands, cake boxes and even a musical cake server that plays “Happy Birthday” as it you deliver slices to plates!

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