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After the meal or present opening, set your celebration ablaze in excitement with the traditional “blowing out of the candles”. This time-honored ritual of adorning a birthday cake with one candle per year of age (plus an extra candle to “grow on”) has been around for eons. Some say that the custom started by ancient Greeks who would put a candle atop their offering of cake to the Moon Goddess, Artemis. Later in history, Germans also use a religiously significant candle on a cake to represent the Light of Light and would burn the same candle annually in observance.

Party Supplies: Cake Candles Costume Ideas

Today, we continue to illuminate cakes with candles, especially for birthday celebrations. Many follow the superstitious ritual of making a secret wish while blowing out the candles in hopes that it will be fulfilled in the coming year. Deck out your cake in a display of candles, from small taper candles in a rainbow array of assorted colors to the more imaginative character candles that are popular with children. Novelty candles also include candles in the shape of the recipient’s age, or trick candles that can’t be extinguished, and even edible candles made from soy.

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