Party Supplies: Balls & Bubbles Costumes

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Party Supplies: Balls & Bubbles Halloween Costumes

Want to throw a celebration, especially a child’s party, which will have guests bouncing and floating around with glee?  Just add plenty of balls and bubbles into the party equation and you are bound to get the wished for results. Even with the fanciest decorations and tastiest cake, events that include youngsters need lots of activities to keep little hands busy. Balls to toss around and bubbles to blow are the perfect solution to enjoy on the spot or stash into party favor bags!

Party Supplies: Balls & Bubbles Costume Ideas

Balls come in all styles and shapes with one of the most popular being the small “bounce” ball. These little rubber doozies, available in designs to fit practically every party theme, can rebound back to unexpected heights when tossed down onto a hard surface. Small “soft” balls in miniature soccer, football and basketball shapes are also winners with kids (and parents appreciate the cushy construction which keeps indoor items from getting broken). A container of bubble solution and a wand can also keep kids and grown-ups alike busy for quite some time. This time-honored past-time is available in a variety of bottles to fit kid’s parties to more sophisticated styles to use at a wedding as a popular alternative to throwing rice or confetti. Fir a continual bubble effect, try a bubble blowing machine!

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