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You’ve got a bunch of inflated balloons, but no good ideas on how to incorporate them into your birthday party or special event. No worries, because no matter how you incorporate balloons into your celebration, you are bound to create an atmosphere that elevates the fun – even without helium!

Party Supplies: Balloon Accessories Costume Ideas

For the inflation of many balloons, the old-fashion lung-power way is just too slow and will make you too dizzy! Instead try a Professional Balloon Pump or a Disposable Helium Tank to get the job done quickly and efficiently. At children’s parties, helium balloons can be used as inexpensive decorations tied to each chair with an rainbow assortment of curling ribbon while air-filled balloons can be hooked to a ballon cup on a balloon stick (both can later be taken home by guests as a party favors). And, of course, you can always hire a talent twister to make balloon animals for the kiddos – a big hit! For large celebrations and corporate events, balloons can be tied together to make decorations such as huge arches and balloon swags. Or, stuff all the balloons into a balloon bag held up in the rafters and let them float down in a festive manner at the specified celebratory moment.

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