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Even with balloons galore and a sugar-sweet cake, a kid’s party isn’t a memorable party unless there are fun activities for them to participate in. From the good-old classics that parents are nostalgic for such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Hot Potato to more modern things to do like inflatable bounce houses and video game competitions, you are sure to turn a hum-drum birthday or seasonal party into a exciting endeavor that will keep kids (and adults!) entertained.

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Treat your friends and family to party favors, a popular way to say “thanks for being my guest and I hope you enjoyed my party”. For kids a collection of favors are packaged up and given as a “goodie bag” while the concept for adults is the same, their “swag bags” might be a bit more elaborate! Perfect party favors for children include small toys such as yo-yos, matchbox cars, crayons, bouncy balls and usually plenty of candy!  Other items that are fun activities at bustling get-togethers are wacky string (for fun fights), games such as horse shoes and ring toss, or even crafts like finger painting or plaster handprint keepsakes to take home.

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