Decorations & Props: Skeletons & Ghouls Costumes

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Decorations & Props: Skeletons & Ghouls Halloween Costumes


Standing guard at your front door or hiding behind the sofa, skeleton and ghoul props will make your Halloween celebration a screaming success. Friends and family will stay on their toes, not knowing what kind of bony or decomposing hand might reach out to greet them! Available in sizes larger-than-life to more discrete, skeleton and ghoul decorations give a spook-tackular statement at your next Halloween shindig, haunted house or other macabre meeting.

Decorations & Props: Skeletons & Ghouls Costume Ideas

Why not keep everyone in line with several sets of Skull Fence Posts are draped off by a faux rusty chain. You’ll create the front door atmosphere of those hip nightclubs that everyone is just “dying” to get into. Or, create your own group of creepy friends that like to hang around with skeleton, ghosts, ghoul and other scary creatures that can dangle from your ceiling beams. Create the aura of creeping through the midnight mist of a cemetery by setting up a Smoking Skull Fogger that will keep a never-ending cloud of forbidding fog rolling through your event.  Bone-chilling skeletons and ghouls will keep your guests guessing if they will escape your lair safely.


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