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Decorations & Props: Lawn & Yard Halloween Costumes


Let all the neighbors know that you’re a holiday kind of guy (or gal) by decking your front yard with seasonal yard decorations. You might just cause a bottle neck on your own street as people slam on the brakes to admire your tribute to the latest holiday, be it Halloween, Christmas or other festive observance. Haul out the ladder and the staple gun and get busy decorating your home with everything from strings of lights that flash and flicker to door and window coverings and gigantic air blown props.


Decorations & Props: Lawn & Yard Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of the most decorated holidays around. Join in the fun by transforming your lawn into a spooky haunted house or cemetery setting. There is a crypt full of burial markers and prop body parts to scatter about the yard; friends and family will tread with trepidation as they come to ring your front bell. – greet them with a “Thing” type severed hand to answer the door! At Christmas time, folks like to get into the spirit with major displays of outdoor decorations, even hosting competitions to see which lawn is the most over the top. Be a contender amongst the Joneses by trimming your yard with lights, animated wire sculptures of reindeer, sleighs and Santa and plenty of huge airblown props such as snowmen or an adorable penguin family.

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