Decorations & Props: Inflatables & Airblown Costumes

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Decorations & Props: Inflatables & Airblown Halloween Costumes


When it comes to decorating for a party or holiday, blowing up is actually considered a good thing. Blow up props such inflatable and air blown decorations can make a huge statement in your yard and will impress family and friends while motivating neighbors to step it up! The other great thing about inflatables and airblown decorations and props is that when not in use, they can be deflated and stashed away in minimal space. So don’t worry about storage if your want to buy several for every major holiday on the calendar.

Decorations & Props: Inflatables & Airblown Costume Ideas

Accessories for your costumes such as inflatable guitars for an impromptu jam session or inflatable Tommy gun for your gangster side. However, if you are looking to go larger, there are plenty of options. From a huge self-inflating Santa or Penguin family that are kept full of air with a heavy-duty fan to other larger than life props that stay blown once inflated, you are sure to find a prop to turn your yard into a virtual theme park. Totally amaze guests with inflatables you can actually walk into and relax such as the airblown Haunted House (with a light show!) or the tropical-inspired Tiki Hut Gazebo.


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