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Decorations & Props: Foggers & Accessories Halloween Costumes


Make the mood come alive at your next event with a fogger and accessories to keep the fog and fun rolling in. Similar to the equipment used in professional stage productions, a fog machine can create a low-hanging cloud of hazy fog that will enhance a theater show, a school dance, a spooky Halloween party and more. Make sure to purchase enough specially designed liquid  (fog juice) for your machine to keep to special effect going all evening.

Decorations & Props: Foggers & Accessories Costume Ideas

Foggers come in all shapes and sizes from the tradition plain machine to decorative machines that resemble Jack ‘o Lanterns, coffins and other props that would blend seamlessly into your party. In addition to foggers, there are other special effects machines that will elicit oodles of “oohs and ahhs” from your guests. The Snow Flake Machine lets you deck the halls in snow and make it winter anywhere you go! Just imagine how fun it would be to make little table top snowmen in the middle of summer! Or, create a flurry of tiny bubbles with a Bubble Machine that is so festive for a birthday party, pool party or even a Don Ho inspired Luau (. . . tiny bubbles!).


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