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Light up your life and the lives of your neighbors and friends by adding a fantasy of decorative lights to your next celebration. From just the flicker of a single candle to an over-the-top spectacle of flashing, flickering and choreographed-to-music lights, your style will shine through at any event. Adding the lighting of your choice to your party is a memorable way to create an illuminating evening.

Decorations & Props: Decorative Lights Costume Ideas

For the aficionados of 70s nightlife, you can recreate your own studio 54 at home or any location and dance the night away with a disco ball, colored replacement light bulbs and even a portable strobe light that operates with batteries. Other indoor light decorations include wick and wax candles, electric candles and candelabras. There are also strands of indoor lights that will fit the theme of almost any party including chili peppers, flags, flamingos, pumpkins and almost anything else imaginable. Lighted lawn ornaments and other outdoor seasonal lights are popular at many times of the year, especially at Christmas time and Halloween. From LED lights that can trim your rooftop to shrubbery throws and lighted wire sculptures, your yard can transform into a wonderland with the mere flip of a switch.


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