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Centerpieces are a must have decorating detail for the middle of your celebration tables. Professional party planners are all about “tablescapes” and are the first to recommend a fabulous, look-at-me centerpiece that will draw in the attention of your guests. From simple yet sublime centerpieces to sparkly, glittery “wow” centerpieces, your dining tables, reception tables, guest sign in station or buffet will look memorable.



Decorations & Props: Centerpieces Costume Ideas

Your Baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, holiday events and more will shine with a specially selected centerpiece. Many styles of centerpieces are made as a “honeycomb”, meaning that the tissue paper based folds out with a light, airy base.  Large snow globes designed with the theme in mind (such as the Pooh snow globe) make striking centerpieces that can later be given away as a keepsake to one lucky table recipient. Other seasonal items appropriate to the holiday can be used as a stunning centerpiece such as a pile of small pumpkins, little foil Christmas trees grouped together, a harvest cornucopia or small American flags place in a flower arrangement. Crafty ideas include gathering up old boots and filling with wild flowers or dried wheat for a Western party or making tissue-paper flowers and laying them around a sombrero for Cinco de Mayo – you are only limited by your imagination for other ideas

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