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Decorations & Props: Cemetery Props Halloween Costumes

Good evening “boils” and “ghouls”; that’s how the crypt keeper welcomes guests into his domain of the dark side. Invite your own visitors over to a newly created, yet centuries old-looking, crypt or cemetery brimming with coffins, sarcophagi or other burial relics. Family and friends will tread with trepidation as they take in the sight of memorials for the recently and not-so-recently departed – will they be next?!


Decorations & Props: Cemetery Props Costume Ideas

Tombstones are the first thing you notice when entering a cemetery; these whethered looking burial markers come in many shapes and with many embellishments including Celtic crosses, traditional crosses, Gargolyes, skulls and more. RIP, meaning rest in peace, is the traditional carved-in epitaph, although some tombstones are available inscribed along with clever names such as Will B. Back, Dawn Under, and Dr. Izze Gone. Many of these cemetery props have animated features, such as moving eyes, and make scary sounds like thunder, chain dragging and screaming. There are many other cemetery props that will give guests the willies including body bags, spare body parts and life-size coffins.

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