MASCOT COSTUMES: Always In Stock Costumes

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MASCOT COSTUMES: Always In Stock Halloween Costumes

Need a mascot costume right away and don’t have time to wait for a custom order? Well, we have a large number of always in stock mascot costumes that ship quickly after order confirmation and will get you cheering in no time! Soon you’ll be suiting up in a fun and festive “always in stock” mascot costume and hitting the courts to raise the spirits of the team and spectators. Bust a goofy move, shoot t-shirts out of your little cannon or pose for fan pictures, because our mascot costumes are sure to make a memorable impression at any event from a school sporting event, seasonal parade or youngster’s birthday party.

MASCOT COSTUMES: Always In Stock Costume Ideas

From Poppy the Panda and his friend Huggy Bear to elephants, pigs, frogs and hungry wolves, you are sure to find an “always in stock” mascot costume to celebrate your event. Made from plush fabric, these jumpsuits feature large heads with mesh eyes for ventilation and matching character mittens and shoe coverings. Wearing a mascot costume can get a bit warm, especially on a summer day. We suggest cooling off with a “Kold Vest”, an adjustable vest worn under the mascot costume which holds reusable cooling inserts that will keep the heat away for a couple hours. There is also a Kold Kollar to wear around the neck for the same effect.

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