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Two, four, six, eight – suit up as a mascot that’s really great! Keep the spirits of the team and spectators pumped as you running across the field and through the stadium bleachers passing out “high-fives” and bustin’ some goofy moves. Fun for school activities, seasonal parades and other special occasions, mascot costumes will make a big, big impression on the crowds – you’ll almost feel like a celebrity wearing a mascot costumes.

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Most mascot costumes come in one standard Adult standard size that fits most 5’ 8” through 6’ tall and up to 190 pounds. The over-sized heads of these mascot costumes are comfortable and easy to wear made of foam, lined in latex and covered with faux fur. Mesh eyes allow the wearer to maintain visibility when working the crowds, plus there is ample ventilation to stay cool. A plush body, mitts, spats and big parade feet give our furry mascot costumes a finished look that is ready to get to work! From a winter weather snowman and a formal looking penguin to a crazy chicken and a charming chipmunk, there are many mascot costume choices to suit your sis-boom-bah style.

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