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MASCOT COSTUMES: Alinco Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for a quality Mascot costume for your school or corporation, Alinco is a made-in-the-USA manufacturer that offers a creative, well-made product to suit your needs. As the world’s largest and oldest producer of character and mascot costumes, Alinco has made the mascot costumes for Disney, the San Diego Chicken, the Chicago Bulls, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Utah Jazz as well as many others. Many Alinco mascot costumes ship in 7 – 14 days, however, due to their fine attention to detail, the custom designs will be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks.

MASCOT COSTUMES: Alinco Costume Ideas

Understanding the need for easy movement and crowd interaction, Alinco mascot costumes provide exceptional mobility, visibility and ventilation for the spirited wearer. From big hairy gorillas to majestic eagles to Trojan warriors to huge green dragons and even a 2-man horse, there is a larger-than-life mascot costume to help get the crowds jazzed up. Other popular mascot costumes include all the big cats that are common as sports mascots including panthers, wildcats, bobcats, tigers and more. Or, put some pizzazz into your holiday parade with a seasonal mascot costume such as the Easer Bunny, Leprechaun, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam and more.

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