Hats, Wigs & Masks: Tiaras & Crowns Costumes

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Hats, Wigs & Masks: Tiaras & Crowns Halloween Costumes

Make a little girl or even grown up woman feel glittery and gorgeous by ceremoniously presenting her with a tiara or crown. Sparkling with diamond-like rhinestones or crystals, these royal appointments meant to be worn atop the tresses are inspired by fairy tales and real-life princesses. Available in sizes and styles to fit a little diva-in-training to an all out beauty queen, tiaras and crowns reign supreme with an opulent ball gown and aristocratic attitude.

Hats, Wigs & Masks: Tiaras & Crowns Costume Ideas

From Cinderella and all of the Disney Princesses, a tiara adds a touch of fabulousness that will make any little girl feel special. The evil or even not-so-wicked stepmother, queen or fairy godmothers can wear a crown adorned with jewels atop her head. Even a witch, albeit Glenda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz”, wore a beautiful and bedazzling crown with her fluffy pink dress. Perfect for a pageant, beauty queens of all ages wear sashes draped over their shoulders and a coveted tiara atop a perfectly coiffed hair do. Crowns are not just for women and girls, men and boys can also complement their King costume with this regal and aristocratic headdress that has been worn for centuries.

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