Hats, Wigs & Masks: Facial Hair & Beards Costumes

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Hats, Wigs & Masks: Facial Hair & Beards Halloween Costumes

Since it can take months, even years, to grow a big bushy beard, adding facial hair to your Halloween costume takes a bit of planning. Since you’re probably not willing to invest that kind of time in growing hair on your face, gluing on a faux “follicular” finish will give you the manly look you crave. And by the way, beards and facial hair aren’t just for the men – there’s always the bearded lady in the circus!

Hats, Wigs & Masks: Facial Hair & Beards Costume Ideas

If you are looking for lots of facial hair try a full, ungroomed beard similar to those worn in biblical times or a long, white wizard wig that ends in a point mid-torso. Santa Claus also has a full beard and mustache to match his snow white hair. More restrained displays of facial hair include goatees, “soul patches” and mustaches in all styles including a Fu Manchu, handle bar, pencil thin or a biker mustache. There are also sideburns, especially popular are the Elvis-inspired mutton chop sideburns. If you really want to let it all hang out, unbutton your shirt to reveal a tuft of curly chest hair you’ve glued on with a hysterical chest hair kit!

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