CHILD ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Costume Kits/Wings Costumes

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CHILD ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Costume Kits/Wings Halloween Costumes

Costume kits are a genius invention in the costume world. On par with sliced bread, you will totally dig the convenience of having a prepackaged set of adult accessories to create an instant costume. Just add the ingredients of a costume kit to your basic t-shirt or leotard and be ready for a Halloween party in mere minutes.

CHILD ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Costume Kits/Wings Costume Ideas

The nerd costume kit has everything needed to emulate a geek except for a genius IQ – tape patched glasses, a black bow tie and a plastic pocket protector are all included to pair with your high-water trousers and a plaid shirt. Another popular choice is the Bunny kit with the signature rabbit ears, a fluffy tail and satin cuffs and collar to pair with your own leotard and fishnet stockings. Guys ready for an adventure will set their sights on an Indiana Jones costume kit with a whip, hat and shirt. Costume wings can slip right onto your back and transform you into a mystical creature such as an angel, faire or pixie. Other sheer and delicate wings will have you breaking out of your cocoon as a butterfly, ladybug or even a vampire bat.

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