CHILD ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Armor/Weapons/Guns Costumes

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CHILD ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Armor/Weapons/Guns Halloween Costumes

Let everyone know you mean business by adding weapons and armor to your adult Halloween costume. You’ll be fierce and ready for combat suited up from head-to-toe in protective gear or just add a few accessories as the even warrants. Sized to suit men and women, armor, weapon and gun accessories will put the call of battle and war in your soul.

CHILD ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Armor/Weapons/Guns Costume Ideas

Step up to the front lines or make a surprise attack from behind dress in safe, protective armor. Roman soldiers carried shields and wore breast plates, leg and arm guards, armored skirts and a Spartan-style helmet with distinctive red plumage. Medieval knight are also well known for their armor, which started out as heavy chain mail tunics and hoods and, over time, transformed into the full-body plates of armor that are so stereotypical for a knight.  Xena the Princess Warrior is a fierce feminine combat chick who loves both her weapons and armor. One of the most popular weapons ever are swords and have been used throughout world history. Knights from the Middle Ages wielded swords and jousts while pirates from the 18th century were known for their shiny cutlass swords with gem-encrusted handles. Guns are also are a big blast with costumes from pistols carried in holsters and bandoliers full of bullets to gangster-style machine guns.

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