ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Licensed Accessories Costumes

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ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Licensed Accessories Halloween Costumes

Pairing up licensed accessories with your Halloween costume is a great way to get a realistic look that looks like it jumped straight off the movie screen, out of a novel or from a video game. Have confidence knowing that your costume is genuine-looking down to the last detail when you are wearing licensed accessories that have been give the stamp of approval. Whatever your style, be it hero, villain or vixen, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of licensed accessories to suit your tastes.

ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Licensed Accessories Costume Ideas

From all the top superhero action movies such as Batman, Superman, X-men and more, you can find boot tops, gloves, weapons and other accessories that have all been licensed by the movie studio or other corporate owner. Science fiction fans will enjoy collecting all the accessories needed to look super cool in their Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter costumes. Disney, of course, has plenty of licensed costume accessories from which to choose. For adults, popular licensed accessories from Disney include the dreadlocks, swords and other paraphernalia worn by the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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