ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Hosiery and Undergarments Costumes

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ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Hosiery and Undergarments Halloween Costumes

We see London, we see France, we see someone’s underpants. Believe it or not many costumes rely on showing a peek of undergarments to create a sexy look. The foundation for every fashion begins with underpinnings that can be sexy and meant to be shown off or sometimes hidden and much more no-nonsense. Wearing the proper hosiery and undergarments with give your Halloween costume the best look ever.

ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Hosiery and Undergarments Costume Ideas

A petticoat or crinoline with layers and layers of gathered tulle edged in lace will lend a skirt a feminine feel. Long gowns fit for a queen or a Southern belle stay fluffy with a wire hoop skirt layered underneath. Sexy ruffled pantaloons are the perfect adult accessories for cabaret dancer costumes or other sexy-sweet numbers. There are other more adult costume undergarments available to accessorize your costume such as sports bras, invisible bras (perfect for those skimpily cut costumes), leotards, corsets, socks and more. Tights and stockings are also an important look for both men and women’s costumes. Fishnet stockings are always a sexy accessory choice for French Maids, Playboy Bunnies, or even the transvestite, Dr. Frank N. Furter, from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

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