ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Blood and Gore Costumes

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ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Blood and Gore Halloween Costumes

Adult accessories and makeup for the horror genre include oodles of blood and gore and guts! If you like the classic old-school slasher movies like Nightmare on Elm Street ,  Friday the Thirteenth, or Halloween then you’ll need lots of bone-chilling add-ons for your terrifying costumes. Create a spectacular display of FX on your face and body that resembles the malicious wrongdoings of an evil agent of horror such as Freddy Krueger, Jason, Chucky Pinhead or Michael Myers.

ADULT ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP: Blood and Gore Costume Ideas

Faux Blood is a must-have ingredient for horror costumes; no need to drain your veins because fake blood comes in liquid, gel and tablet form. Just a few well-placed squirts will give you a look that is simply to die for. Scar and wound makeup sets can also make a shocking statement. For example, use a “slashed throat” makeup kit or a “grand opening” cut kit and friends might really think your life is on the line! A special effects paint kit with an array of darker colors in browns, deep blues, and deep reds will create blood and gore effects such as contusions, bruises, burns, skin abrasions and more. Another helpful product when applying these blood and gore costume accessories is Hollywood Latex. This flesh tone substances makes the seams on your prosthetic accessories disappear when applied.

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