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Medium Weight Boa Red with Black Tips

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Prohibition and the Roaring Twenties introduced a brazen new woman who drank, smoked and caroused around the nightclubs and just like a man. With a marked departure from traditional feminine styling, the Flappers were identified by the short bob hair cuts, boyish figures and risqué for the era dance moves. Stirring up quite a revolution in women’s issues during the 20s, these daring little spark plugs were quite the talk of the town. One of the most popular dances was the Charleston. Look like a prohibition movie star from the twenties in flapper costumes.

Flapper Costumes Ideas

Doll yourself up in a flapper costume for your next Halloween celebration or casino party. Straight-hanging dresses trimmed in rows of fringe will show of long fishnet covered expanses of previously covered leg. You’re sure to find something just your style as flapper costumes are found in a rainbow assortment of colors and sizes. A sequined headband with a single front feather over a bobbed wig and long necklace of beads will be all the rage with your flapper costume. Carry a long cigarette holder and stick a flask in your garter; you’ll be ready to hit the speakeasy with your gangster beaux.

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