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Women's Plus Size Police Shirt

Women's Plus Size Police Shirt

Women's Plus Size Police Shirt - Wear this Women's Plus Size Police Shirt with your own black pants, then add our police hat, utility...

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The Best Cop Costumes Ideas

Whether you want to play “good cop” or “bad cop”, a cop costume is a great way to command attention at any interrogation.  From the police, the boys in blue, the brass, the fuzz or the cops (constable on patrol), you’ll answer the call no matter the name. Watch every one at the party straighten up their acts when you walk through the door in a cop costume; until they realize it’s just you!  

Cop Costumes Ideas

Show them your packing heat in a traditional men’s cop costume of dark blue pants and button down shirt.  A patch that reads “Police”, a standard police had and silvery badge give you the look of the law.  Carry along a pair of handcuffs or night stick with your cop costume to show you mean business. Ladies can dress up in a sexy police officer cop costume that will make guys want to surrender themselves into the arms of the law. The short flirty skirt and plunging necklines are so sexy it should be illegal! Get group together and spoof the parody cop-show Reno 911, that squad of politically incorrect and hilariously incompetent law enforcement officers.

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