WOMEN: Women's Exclusives Costumes

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WOMEN: Women's Exclusives Halloween Costumes

For the women who enjoy standing out from the crowd, a beautifully made women’s exclusive costume is sure to get you noticed. Not only will you be suited up in an exquisitely made costume with special attention to detailing, you can feel assured that not every other lady at the party is going to show up in the same outfit (the horror!). In styles from nostalgic classics to the latest trend, you are sure to find a women’s exclusive costume that will make every event you attend more memorable.

WOMEN: Women's Exclusives Costume Ideas

Fairytale Classics is one popular brand of women’s exclusives, offering charming, high-quality costumes based characters from many well known storybooks such as Goldilocks, Little Bo Peep and the seemingly always present English Nanny.  Other exclusive costume characters from  are based in history such as an ornate Queen Elizabeth costume ready for holding court as well as a Betsy Ross costume from colonial times to a Mod 1960s costume in psychedelic prints and gogo boots.  Sized to fit all in both standard and plus size females, women’s exclusive costume are perfect for Halloween, theater productions, masquerade balls and are sure to win compliments and rave reviews at every wearing.

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