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WOMEN: Superheroes Women Halloween Costumes

Straight from the pages of  retro comic books from the DC Comics and Marvel universes are the awesome female characters that know how to take care of business. Tracking down the criminal element and defending justice just as well as any male counterpoint, female superheroes or super-heronines make an assertive and self-confident choice for your next Halloween party or dress up event. Whether you are blessed with supernatural powers or just have finely honed human skills, a women’s superhero costume will help you deliver kicks, punches, leaps, and flips in fine style.

WOMEN: Superheroes Women Costume Ideas

One of the most popular superhero costumes for women is the iconic Wonder Woman. This Amazonian-raised woman is incredibly gorgeous and uses her bullet-deflecting gauntlets and lasso of truth during her action-packed days on the job. Bat-girl and Super Girl are female superheroes who are similar to their namesake male crime fighters. Bat-girl, also known as Betty Kane, was also shown having a crush on series sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder.   Other superheroes who often cross the line into bad-girl territory are Elektra, a ninja of Greek descent who wields a two-bladed sai sword, and Catwoman from Batman related media who sneaks around in the night.  Whichever superhero costume you choose, add on some fierce superhero accessories such as capes, boots, utility belts, weapons and more for an authentic look.

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