WOMEN: Piratesses Costumes

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WOMEN: Piratesses Halloween Costumes

Argh, matey! Ye don’t hear as much about the lady pirate as you do their salty, coarse-mannered counterpoints. However, there were actually more than a handful of female pirates who could keep up with the guys during the pirate heyday of the 16th through 19th centuries. One of these female pirates was Mary Read who actually dressed in male clothing and wielded a mean sword. Anny Bonney was another female pirate who also disguised herself to pass as a male pirate until she joined the crew of the famous Calico Jack

WOMEN: Piratesses Costume Ideas

Perfect for plundering and pillaging, suiting up in a piratess costume is just what you need for looking good while you make off with the loot. Pirate costumes for women are available for women in both standard and plus sizes. Women can get glammed up as female pirates as tough as any of the crew , such as Shipwreck Sally, or wenches willing to serve the whims of the pirate captain. An eye patch, over-the-knee sexy pirate boots, and a gleaming cutlass sword all make fitting accessories for the beautiful female buccaneer.

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