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Able to do things like leap buildings, deflect bullets, and mutate at will, superheroes are understandably a top choice to emulate. Pay tribute to the Golden Age of comics with a retro superhero costume such as Phantom, Superman or Captain America, all who have jumped of the inked pages of comic books into the imaginations of men everywhere. If you wish you could possess the traits of a superhero, dressing like one is the first step. Suit up as one of these brave men in tights who were gifted with heightened human skills combined with supernatural powers that enabled them keep the criminal element shaking in fear.

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More modern superheroes flew into the comic universe and instantly became fan favorites such as Batman, Spiderman, the all of the X-men and more. Motivated by goodwill to society or revenge for the wrong-doing of a nemesis, superheroes usually stop at nothing until they have eradicated evil and restored justice. So suit up in a superhero costume for men and set out to leap a tall building, save a damsel in distress, or even stop the bad guys from world domination.  Whichever men’s superhero costume you choose, add on plenty of superhero accessories such as gadgets, capes, boots, utility belts, weapons and more for a genuine style.

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