MEN: Horror/Gothic Costumes

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MEN: Horror/Gothic Halloween Costumes

Have a scary, edgy side to your personality that needs expressing? Horror and Gothic costumes have been growing in popularity in response mainly to the slasher genre of movies and the subculture lifestyle known as “goth”. Encompassing fashion, music and movies and fantasy, these expressions of goth and horror style range from the meek to macabre and the eccentric to the downright evil. There are horror and gothic costumes that will delight the dark side of both standard and plus size adults.

MEN: Horror/Gothic Costume Ideas

Victorian literature is the breeding ground for so many horror-inspired Gothic costumes. Men will enjoy suiting ups as bad guys from Bram Stroker’s “Dracula”, a villainous vampire with an aristocratic air, to Sweeny Todd, the murderous barber of Fleet Street. Jack the Ripper was also a terrifying real-life character from the late 1800s who stalked the dark alleys of London leaving female victims in his wake. Female vampires, or vampiresses, were also rumored to wander in their blood lust during this era. Goth makeup with pale, almost white skin, and dark kohl-rimmed eyes and blood-red lips will add a languished look of eternal life to your horror gothic costume.

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