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MEN: Historical men's Halloween Costumes

History books are so fascinating to read because the sum up the action and adventure that has led us to where we are today in civilization. From epic battles to joyous celebrations, courageous exploration to building up of communities, and eras of upheaval to times of togetherness, there are so many snapshots of time to base a historical men’s costume upon. In hundreds of styles spanning numerous centuries and cultures, there are historical men’s costumes to suit the style of both standard size and plus sized men.

MEN: Historical men's Costume Ideas

Eek out your own spot in history dressed up in any one of many authentic-looking historical men’s costumes. From togas and robes from ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece and Egypt to relatively more modern historical costumes such as prohibition gangsters and top-hatted fat cats from the 20th century. In early colonial times in America, men wore Puritan or Pilgrim type outfits of simple black clothing, hats and coats. Their Native American counterparts wore the traditional everyday and ceremonial Indian garb associated with their tribe. War reenactments are very popular with men and historical men’s costumes based on the Civil War, Revolutionary War or other epic events will make any guy feel battle ready. Or, go as the leader dressed in as the commander in chief, a past president of the United States such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

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