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MEN: Capes/Robes Halloween Costumes

If you see a cape or robe rustling down the hall from afar, it probably means one of two things – good guy approaching, relax or villain approaching , run! Popularized in costuming on the big screen and in literature, even comic books, capes and robes cloak the clothing of a wide range of characters. Whether you want a robe to shroud you in mystery or you want a cape to help you soar to new heights, you are sure to find the perfect men’s costume adorned with these popular pieces of outerwear.

MEN: Capes/Robes Costume Ideas

Good guys that are known for wearing capes and robes include a host of heroes from the comic books including Supermanin a red cape, Batman in a black cape and even Space Ghost in a yellow cape. Religious figures wear robes include priests, cardinals, and monks while other venerable figures such as kings and judges do as well. Many of the wizard, Hobbit and elven characters from Harry Potter also wear long cloaks, capes and robes. Bad guys in capes and robes include such villainous and vile characters such as Satan, Dracula and other vampires, as well as the Grim Reaper and other dark beings.

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