Kid's Costumes: Witches & Monsters Costumes

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Kid's Costumes: Witches & Monsters Halloween Costumes

Double, bubble, toil and trouble! Brew up a darkly delicious adventure dressed up in a spooky witch or macabre monster costume. From the revered to the reviled, these characters of the underworld are featured in movies, literature and television. In sizes and styles to suit the wicked or winning personalities of both man and women, many witch and monster costumes also come in plus sizes.

Kid's Costumes: Witches & Monsters Costume Ideas

The classic story of The Wizard of Oz features both the good and evil sides of witchcraft with the characters the Wicked Witch of the West in a traditional black witch costume and Glenda the Good Witch in a frothy pink ball gown. Other witch costumes range from the scary to the sexy and there are also witch costumes for men, normally called wizard or warlocks. Monsters are also a popular choice at Halloween; feel “alive” in a pieced together Frankenstein’s monster costume or try not to come unraveled in a mummy costume. Other memorable monster costumes include the Swamp thing, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the terrible creatures from Predator and more. Using special effects makeup with your monster costume can really give you a scream-inducing look that is so desirable when you are a monster!

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